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Do you want to grow your business?

Are you working more in your company than on your company?


Rebel Business Consulting is your growth partner!

Starting from where you are today, I  can help you optimize your business strategy, business model, marketing plan and sales strategy. The result is your own customized revenue strategy and a hands-on action plan to help you reach your goals. Call it business development on steroids if you want. I call it business acceleration.

Large corporations have full departments working with strategy, marketing and sales. With your own revenue strategy, you get the benefits of the large corporation- without having to deal with the bureaucracy and the large overhead costs.

My name is Jonas Lindelöf. I am the founder and owner of REBEL Business Consulting. I have spent my whole business career helping companies – of all sizes – make more money.

Why you must have a revenue strategy

There are three ways to increase your company’s revenues:

  1. More customers
  2. Higher value per transaction
  3. More transactions per customer

Simple, isn’t it? The problem is that there are hundreds of methods and tactics to chose from. Some methods work together and some don’t. Some works in one industry, others don’t. The complexity is even greater when you consider that your customers and your competitors change the game all the time. That is why business development is so important. I don’t care if you just started your business or already have a successful businesses up an running. If you don’t have a revenue strategy you are not making the most of your business.  The revenue strategy and the accompanying action plan will guide you to reach your goals.

What gets measured gets done

Let there be light

An important part of the revenue strategy is to track the critical success factors and key performance indicators for your business. If you don’t measure your activities you have no clue which ones leads you in the right direction. Almost all small business owners that I meet have some kind of marketing plan, but very few know what results their marketing activities generate.  I believe that no marketing should be done that cannot be tracked and measured. Many entrepreneurs initially have a problem with this, until they realize how easy it can be done and how much more efficient their business will run. Without measurements all decisions are made in the dark.